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MRIS will discontinue the MRIS.com email service in late 2016. Your official cutoff date and links to helpful resources have been sent to your MRIS.com email address. If you have more than one MRIS.com email account, you may have different dates for each account based on usage.

The MRIS.com email service was originally offered as a subscription benefit at a time when email provider options were few. Almost two decades later, online communications are dramatically different. The internet facilitates trillions of dollars in commerce and that has proven to be an attractive target for SPAM, phishing, and fraud. Real estate is no exception, and the amount of email-fraud targeted at real estate transactions has risen dramatically. While email providers such as Gmail and Outlook.com offer more extensive SPAM filtering and protection than MRIS.com email provides, no email service can provide 100% protection against these threats. MRIS customers must remain vigilant and cautious in the conduct of their online business.

All email cutoff dates for active MRIS.com email accounts will occur during October 2016. The earlier you establish your new account, the easier your transition will be for both you and your contacts.

To help transition to a new email provider, MRIS has identified two solutions for migrating your saved email messages, address book/contacts and calendar to your new account. More information about these solutions, as well as online resources to help you with the option you select, is available at MRIS.com/email.

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